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English language and literature:

Tutorials are conducted in groups of 5 students or less by a fully-qualified tutor. Tutorials are interactive in which students participate, discuss and produce specific writing activities for the tasks and goals set. Students are NOT left to work individually on their own, through a series of exercises or worksheets. Rather, each groups is presented with specific writing skills to develop and then required to apply those skills within the tutorial in order to demonstrate competence. Oral presentations, time management and examination skills are integrated into every tutorial by tutors who are experienced, qualified mentors and educators of varying ages.

* Essay writing techniques and genres.                                                                                    *Chinese, Italian and other academic disciplines also available.                                              * Oral presentations, Interview skills and public speaking                                        

Such skills are an integral part of our programme. Speaking articulately and clearly is an important skill for all students, particularly senior students who will eventually be assessed orally for various components of their VCE or International Baccalaureate course as well as for entry to Higher Education/University courses where interviews are required. In addition, students who wish to attain a scholarship or enter certain public or private schools are interviewed by the school as well as through the written examinations. Therefore, being able to ’think on your feet’ when being interviewed is a requirement for successful entry. 

Math and Science:

*Development in a Problem-Solving Context.                                                                Mathematics is taught in relation to science, not in isolation unless drilling of specific theory is required. Students are presented with specific problem-solving exercises, which involve the application of math to science (chemistry, physics, biology, etc.) and each student is then required to apply their skills within the tutorial, to demonstrate competence.  This technique of combining math and science aims to develop problem-solving skills and overall excellence, as required by scholarship examinations and school curriculum.

We also tutor students in:

 Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Classical Studies and Societies,  Economics, English Language, Literature, Legal Studies, Graphic Design, Math Methods, Physics, Specialist Math, Further Math, Italian, Chinese 

and  other subject disciplines;

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Mobile: 0421 414 264

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